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'Moneybox junction' to earn council £1.9MILLION a year as fines double after rat run closure - Live

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'Moneybox junction' to earn council £1.9MILLION a year as fines double after rat run closure - Live


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Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (). A NOTORIOUS yellow box junction nicknamed 'the moneybox' saw drivers' fines almost double after a nearby rat run was closed.  The 'cash hungry' junction at New King’s Road and Bagley’s Lane in Fulham, West London raked in £1.6 million in fines for the council in 2016.  In the month before the rat run at Harwood Terrace was closed to traffic on October, 21, last year, 1,330 fines were handed out - a total of £86,450.  But in the month after the experimental closure, 2,452 penalties totalling £159,380 were given - a month-by-month increase of 1,122 fines - as drivers were forced to drive through the yellow-box junction.  If the Harwood Terrace closure continued for a year, and the same amount of fines continued to be dished out each month, it could see the council bring in more than £1.9million in 12 months.  The projected figure is dependent upon drivers paying the £65 fine within two weeks of being penalised. 'TOTAL SCAM'  Local resident Rob McGibbon branded the hike in fines 'a total scam'.  He told MailOnline: "Hammersmith & Fulham Council needs to re-open the road urgently.  "The fact that it has instantly led to this outrageous increase in fines for motorists is unacceptable.  "Drivers who are now being forced to use a new route have no idea that they are being funnelled like lemmings into the path of a cash-hungry CCTV fines system."  The traffic penalty hotspot at New King's Road and Bagley's Lane has previously been branded Britain's most lucrative junction.  Motorists driving along New King's Road are sometimes caught in the yellow box after two sets of traffic lights turn red.  Angry drivers claim the phasing of the traffic lights creates a 'trap' for drivers unfamiliar with their timing.  Drivers caught in the box when the lights change must pay a fine of £65 within two weeks, doubling to £13o if they don't pay within a fortnight.  Local motorists have used nearby Harwood Terrace as a rat run to avoid the junction completely.  But residents on Harwood Terrace complained about the rise in drivers on their road, leading to the council closing it for a six-month trial from October 21, sparking a furious row. RESIDENTS' FEARS  Hammersmith & Fulham Council council insists more than 400 cars an hour were driving down the narrow residential road.  Local MP, Greg Hands, has called on the council to reopen the Harwood Terrace to vehicles.  A council spokesman stressed the closure is due to last six months.  The council spokesman said: "We closed Harwood Terrace to address residents’ fears over the 400 cars an hour using their narrow residential road as a rat-run.  "As well as to improve safety for cyclists on the King’s Road, as a number of local riders have been knocked down at the junctions with Edith Row an

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