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25 Ideas for Generating Passive Income| बड़ी लागत के बिना Passive Income के 25 Ideas| Sarvik Sharma|

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25 Ideas for Generating Passive Income| बड़ी लागत के बिना Passive Income के 25 Ideas| Sarvik Sharma|


In this video, I, Sarvik Sharma gives 25 new ideas to generate passive income which is steady and recurring. Watch this video till the end for iconic success and growth.
A must watch for all those who want to generate passive income with less efforts.
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25 ways to earn Passive Income!
1. Try to earn income by renting your properties which are lying idle.
2. Try to earn money by doing affiliate marketing on Amazon or other affiliate networks
3. Start your YouTube Channel related to your passion/interest.
4. Shift your hard earned money in high yielding savings bank account.
5. Invest in stock market to those equities which can give you high returns in future.
6. Invest in Dividend Stocks
7. Participate in referral programs that gives your cash for every friend you refer. E.g. Rakuten.com
8. Try blogging related to your field of passion and then attract advertisers on your platform.
9. If you are good in studies, try online tutoring.
10. Earn money by becoming a mediator or broker for insurance companies.
11. Try Multi-Level Marketing Programs.
12. If you are a good photographer, put your photography to work on the web. E.g. Shutterstock website allows you to sell your photos.
13. If you have money, purchase high dividend stocks.
14. If you are good blogger, write e-books and sell it on your website or offer it as an affiliate arrangement with other websites that provide content related to your e-book.
15. Try purchasing essential shopping lists using a credit card that give cash back rewards.
16. Sell your product on the internet/ecommerce websites.
17. Try freelancing.
18. Learn Digital Marketing and use that knowledge to earn money by using Google AdSense, affiliate marketing etc.
19. Invest in learning new things which you think might help you gain knowledge and can be a source to generate passive income in the future.
20. Reduce the number of credit cards you hold. Reducing a fixed expense is equivalent to money saved.
21. If you have capital to invest, become a silent business partner with the company you think has good future.
22. Every small business needs referral sources to attract sales. Become a referral source to such companies.
23. If you are a app developer, build an app that makes people lives simpler, smarter and happier.
24. Try to make a digital version of your knowledge gained so far in life. Find a platform e.g. YouTube and let this digital content help other in need.
25. Reduce your fixed expenses. Money saved is money earned.
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