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Of course, every investment is risky but the risks of loss if you decide to play the market on your own are even bigger. It's possible to minimize the risk but no one can guarantee eliminating it. CryptoPay is glad to provide you with an investment platform which lowers risks to an affordable level. Expierenced well co-ordinated team, innovative strategies and time-proved solutions are the key to success, which we are ready to share with you. CryptoPay Investment is a risk that you definetely can afford, likewise more than one thousand clients from 35 countries already did.

Currently we offer two fixed income products to our clients. You can choose the one, that meets your requirements. Terms are in calendar days and include weekends. Please find the list of available investment programs below.

Total Return: 127.5%
Minimum investment: $20
Investment term: 15 calendar days
Payout: daily

Medium-term investment program with a relatively low return on invetment rate. This investment program has been established to help you understand how we operate and get acquainted with company's investment platform. Sample investment: Invested: $100 Total Return in 15 calendar days: $127.50 (including principal).

Total Return: 200%
Investment term: 20 calendar days
Minimum investment: $1000
Payout: daily

One of the most popular investment programs, offered by CryptoPay. Clients choose this program for its efficiency and high Return On Investment rate. Sample investment: Invested: $1000 Total Return in 20 calendar days: $2000 (including principal).



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